Are you tired of your furry friend’s anxiety during car rides? Do you wish there was a way to keep them safe, comfortable, and close to you while on the road? Look no further! We have just the solution you need – the Dog Booster Car Seat ON Car Armrest Center Console, your pet’s perfect travel companion.


Why a Dog Booster Car Seat?

Traveling with pets can be challenging, especially if they’re not used to car rides. Many pets experience tension and discomfort during travel, leading to anxious moments for both pet and owner. That’s where our Dog Booster Car Seat comes to the rescue.


Features You’ll Love:

  • Enhanced Safety: Our pet safety seat is designed to bring your dog closer to you while ensuring their safety during the ride. The wide-angle field of view helps ease anxiety, making car journeys a breeze.
  • New Upgrade Version: Say goodbye to instability with our upgraded pet car booster seat. It’s stable, can be placed independently, and won’t easily collapse. The adjustable front pillows provide a cozy resting place for your pet, whether your car’s center console opens up and down or left and right.
  • Double Fixing Straps: Unlike most pet car seats with just one fixing strap, ours features two Velcro design straps that can be adjusted to fit your center console perfectly. This extra security prevents shaking, falling off, and ensures your pet’s safety. Plus, it’s free from toxic and harmful substances, making it a safe choice.
  • Perfect for Small Pets: Our pet car booster seat is ideal for small dogs and cats, recommended for pets weighing less than 8.8 pounds. Before purchase, measure your pet’s back length and dimensions to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Comfortable and Easy to Clean: Your pet will love the soft, comfortable interior filled with high-density compressible sponges. The zipper-style detachable design makes cleaning a breeze. The cushion is double-sided, providing warmth on one side and dry, breathable comfort on the other, suitable for all seasons.
  • Durable and Waterproof: Made from durable 600D Oxford Cloth with PVC coating, our pet car seat is waterproof, sturdy, and long-lasting. It’s designed to protect your car’s seats from pet hair, mud, and water.
  • Buckle Design: With an adjustable buckle design, installation is quick and easy, compatible with all vehicles. It prevents pet motion sickness and keeps your furry friend secure.
  • Easy Assembly and Storage: Our pet car seat is foldable, saving space when not in use. It’s easy to assemble and even easier to wash by hand.




Please note that the design of the product may vary depending on availability, but rest assured, it will be functional and stylish.


Make car rides a joy for both you and your pet with the Dog Booster Car Seat ON Car Armrest Center Console. Give your furry friend the comfort, safety, and companionship they deserve during your travels. Order yours today and embark on worry-free journeys with your beloved pet by your side.


Make your pet’s travel experience as enjoyable as yours with the Dog Booster Car Seat ON Car Armrest Center Console Dog Pet Booster Car Seat. Say goodbye to pet travel anxiety and hello to safer, happier journeys together!