emersware - Back Massager With Heat, Deep Kneading, Rolling And Vibration
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Back Massager With Heat, Deep Kneading, Rolling And Vibration
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Back Massager With Heat, Deep Kneading, Rolling, And Vibration


A sedentary lifestyle can lead to serious health risks, including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. Moreover, sitting for extended periods, especially in the archetypal hunched working position, can put a strain on your vertebrae, thereby resulting in back pain.

This massage seat cushion with multiple functions provides you with a deep-penetrating warmth 
and rejuvenating massage at your home office or in your car. Your body will most definitely feel more relaxed and rejuvenated.

Back Massager With Heat, Deep Kneading, Rolling And Vibration Features :


Full Back Massage - The back massager can be customized to target the full-back, upper back, or lower back, easing stiff muscles for a deep kneading massage experience.

3D Massage Nodes - The massage nodes rotate to offer a firm yet intense massage, mimicking the real massage hands of a masseuse to apply optimal pressure.

Vibration Massage - Choose soothing and rhythmical vibration of the seat cushion among 3 levels for a higher level of comfort.

Optional Heat Function - The surface of the massage nodes can be heated up to around 104F, efficient in relieving muscle fatigue and stiffness.

The Top 20 Benefits of Massage Chair Pad with Heat

1.    Enhances Post-Workout Muscle Recovery
2.    Reduces Anxiety and Stress
3.    Helps in Inducing Better Sleep
4.    Relieves the Pain From Sore Muscles
5.    Offers a Good Treatment for Lower Back Pain
6.    Decreases Stiff-Neck Problems
7.    Simulates Chiropractic Maneuvers for Sciatica
8.    Improves Blood Circulation
9.    Increases Oxygen Flow to the Extremities
10.    Flushes the Lymphatic System
11.    Boosts the Natural Immunity of the Body
12.    Decreases the Frequency and Severity of Headaches
13.    Spruces Up Physicality and Intimacy
14.    Improves Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills
15.    Increases Workplace Harmony
16.    Decreases Workplace Injuries
17.    Boosts Employee Loyalty
18.    Helps Executives in Staying Mentally Fit
19.    Alleviates Stress-Related Health Problems
20.    Gives an Energy Boost and Enhances General Wellness

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