emersware - Portable UVC Sterilizer & Disinfectant Lamp
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Portable UVC Sterilizer & Disinfectant Lamp
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Portable UVC Sterilizer & Disinfectant Lamp

This portable sterilizer incorporated technology used in large sterilization equipment into a pocket-sized portable disinfection tool. Safe, Portable, and highly effective, it can be used safely to sanitize and disinfect any number of surfaces. Use on masks, gloves, cell phones, earphones, doorknobs, make-up brushes and kits, eyeglasses, toothbrushes, baby products, keyboards, watches, children?s toys, and more. Fits easily in your pocket or purse.

Portable UVC Sterilizer & Disinfectant Lamp Features :

  • SANITIZE AND STERILIZE- Triple action UVC (Ultra-Violet C) has 3 disinfection lights with a high germ-killing rate which can eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria, germs, fungi, pathogens, and other harmful particles within seconds. FDA registered, safe, and easy to use every day
  • 3 HIGH-QUALITY UVC LIGHTS ? EZ Clean Max uses 3 powerful high quality UVC disinfection lights with wide coverage are to destroy the molecular structure of DNA/RNA in viruses; sterilizes and disinfect air and surfaces in seconds; have added assurance that whatever you have to touch a surface or item, it is safer than it was before
  • SMART TIMER & RECHARGEABLE BATTERY ? Turn on the system and press the timer once for 60 seconds for small surfaces or twice for 180 seconds (3 minutes) for larger surfaces; Keep 1-3 inches away from the surface to be disinfected and sweep the UV light sanitizer as desired; Built-in rechargeable battery charges in minutes; single charge lasts over 100 uses; rechargeable battery will last years
  • PORTABLE, EASY TO USE ? Perfect for items like face protection wear, masks, gloves, cell phones, remote controls, toothbrushes, makeup brushes, keyboards, toys, music players, countertops, bathrooms, bed sheets towels, children?s toys, elevator buttons, doorknobs, public places, cars, clean makeup brushes, etc
  • HIGH-QUALITY FDA REGISTERED ? Designed and tested in the USA, built with high-quality components; CE and RoHS mark; comes with a full 1-year hassle-free warranty, satisfaction guarantee, dedicated customer service, and many other great benefits to ensure you get the best experience
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