emersware - Sunrise Alarm Clock Wake-up Light LED FM Radio Brightness Night Lamp
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Sunrise Alarm Clock Wake-up Light LED FM Radio Brightness Night Lamp
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Sunrise Alarm Clock Wake-up Light LED FM Radio Brightness Night Lamp

This sunrise alarm clock offers dual alarms. You can set one for you and another for your kids to get up. Snooze function allows you get an extra 9 minutes of sleep.  Accommodating to sleepers with different needs and preferences, you can choose natural alarm sound or your favorite radio channel at the appropriate volume.  




Sunrise Alarm Clock Wake-up Light LED FM Radio Brightness Night Lamp Features:

  1. Wake up with Sunrise Simlation: Sunrise alarm clock help you wake up feeling more refreshed and get a natural boost in mind by genally cast bright lights 5-40 mins earlier than your alarm sounds. A sunrise simulation process can drive the blues away for the day. Snooze function offers you extra 9 mins sleep.
  2. Personalized light setting: This wake-up light alarm clock has 20 separated light intensities at 230 lux of maximum light, you can find the proper brightness for your morning wake-up. There are 5 separated brightness for the time display, including a screen-off option for eliminating extra lights at night.
  3. DEMO Function: Worrying about the brightness you select is too glaring to wake you up? Just get a quick demo (90 second) to show the whole sunrise process that you preset. There also has some shortcut buttons around the clock which help you get quick settings.
  4. Natural Sounds & FM Radio: This sunrise alarm clock equipped with 6 natural alarm sounds and 20-level adjustable volume for those who prefer to wake up to a combination of light and sound. You can also choose your favorite show from FM radio at the range of 76-108. 0MHz as your wake up sound.
  5. Good Bedside Clock with Midnight Light: This sunrise alarm clock can also be a midnight lamp, providing you gentle light when you wake up to take care of your baby at midnight or others.


  • Alarm Setting: Dual Alarms 
  • Alarm Sound: 6 Alarm Sounds or Radio Sound 
  • Screen Display Support Dimmer: 5 Levels 
  • Sunrise Simulation: 20 Levels 
  • Sunrise Duration: 5-40 Minutes 
  • Snooze Duration:9 Minutes 
  • Time Format: 12/24 Hour 
  • FM: 76.0-108.0MHz 
  • Adapter Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz 
  • Adapter Output: 12V, 1A 

Package Includes:
1 x  Sunrise Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

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