3-Speeds Tower Fan w/Remote & LED 47″Oscillating Bladeless Low Noise Fan USA

Introducing our Sleek and Powerful Tower Fan – Experience Refreshing Cooling in Style!



Introducing our Sleek and Powerful Tower Fan – Experience Refreshing Cooling in Style! The tower fan combines a sleek design with exceptional functionality, delivering a refreshing airflow in a space-saving form. Its tall and slim profile effortlessly fits into any room without occupying much floor space. With multiple fan speed settings, oscillation capabilities, and convenient remote control operation, this tower fan gives you complete control over your cooling experience. Experience a peaceful environment with its quiet operation, while it effectively circulates cool air throughout the room. It is the perfect choice for those who prioritize both style and performance in their cooling solution.

3-Speeds Tower Fan w/Remote & LED 47″Oscillating Bladeless Low Noise Fan USA

Key Features that Make Our Tower Fan Irresistible:

Type: Tower Fan with Remote Control
Color: Black
Frame Material: ABS
Overall Size: (L)12.0″ (W)12.0″ (H)47.0″
Power Cord Length: 5ft
Oscillation Angle: 70°
Motor Type: Pure AC Motor
Wind Modes: Normal, Nature, Sleep
Fan Speed: 3 Speeds Setting
Max. Fan Speed: 39 ft/s
Display: Touch Screen Display With Room Temperature
Timer: 12 Hours Pre-Set Off Timer
Noise Level: 20dB
Features: Infrared Remote/LED Light/Detachable Dust Filter

Powerful and Customizable Cooling:

Our tower fan offers a maximum airflow speed of 39ft/s, providing smooth and comfortable spring breezes throughout your home. With 3 modes and 3 speeds, you can customize the airflow to meet your desired cooling needs in sweltering conditions.


3 Modes and 3 Speeds:

The tower fan features 3 airflow modes – normal, natural, and sleep – allowing you to personalize the cooling effect. Choose from 3 speed settings (low, medium, high) to control the wind power and create the ultimate cooling experience on hot summer days.

Wide Oscillation:

Experience perfect 70° oscillation that allows you to direct airflow precisely where you need it. The wide-angle oscillation and long wind curve ensure effective airflow distribution around the room, cooling you off and improving airflow in your home.

Ultra Quiet:

Equipped with a silent motor, our tower fan operates as low as 20 dB, ensuring a cool and relaxing atmosphere without the distraction of noisy fan motors. Whether you’re working, studying, or sleeping, our fan’s quiet operation allows you to focus and rest undisturbed.

Easy to Clean & Safe to Use:

The removable rear grille and impeller wheel make cleaning a breeze. Our tower fan is designed with finger-safe pinch guards, a fused plug, and built-in circuit protection, prioritizing safety at all times. Rest assured that this ETL-listed tower fan keeps you and your loved ones safe.

Remote & Touch Control:

The included remote control operates within a range of 20ft, providing ultimate convenience. Our standing fan comes with a large LED display and a simple control panel. The screen light automatically turns off if not used for 30 seconds, ensuring a relaxing night’s sleep without annoying lights.

Space-Saving Design:

Our compact and slim tower fan is perfect for small spaces. It seamlessly fits into any room or corner without taking up much floor space. Enjoy powerful and efficient cooling without sacrificing valuable space in your home or office.

Energy Efficiency:

Our tower fan is designed to be energy-efficient, helping you save on electricity bills while providing optimal cooling performance. With advanced motor technology and efficient airflow design, our fan consumes less energy without compromising on cooling power.
Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with our Sleek and Powerful Tower Fan. Enjoy refreshing cooling in a compact form, all while adding a touch of elegance to your living space. Stay cool, comfortable, and energy-efficient with our top-notch tower fan.