Bedside Table Bedroom Storage Cabinet 17″ Natural Bamboo Nightstand w/3 Drawers

Boasting a shiny appearance, our nightstand embraces the minimalist Scandinavian style, infusing a touch of nature into your room.



Introducing our Elegant Bamboo Nightstand – Enhance Your Home with Style and Functionality! A well-designed nightstand not only meets your storage needs but also showcases your impeccable taste. Our environmentally friendly and sturdy nightstand features dense net patterns, creating a retro style that adds a unique, elegant, and noble feeling to your home. With its smooth lines and exquisite design, it effortlessly brings simplicity and fashion to any room.

Bedside Table Bedroom Storage Cabinet  17″ Natural Bamboo Nightstand w/3 Drawers

Key Features that Make Our Bamboo Nightstand Irresistible:

Minimal Appearance:

Boasting a shiny appearance, our nightstand embraces the minimalist Scandinavian style, infusing a touch of nature into your room. Its sleek design adds a contemporary flair to your living space.
Maximize Your Storage Space:

Our nightstand features three spacious drawers measuring 15.712.25.5 inches each. This ample storage capacity allows you to neatly organize and store your belongings, catering to your daily storage needs.
Breathable Design:

The fronts of the drawers are crafted with ABS mesh, enabling ventilation inside and outside the drawers. Additionally, the raised bottom design minimizes the risk of mold, ensuring a clean and fresh environment.
Easy to Install:

With its simple structure and included installation tools, our nightstand is incredibly easy to assemble. No need to hire professionals – you can effortlessly set it up yourself.

Easy to Clean:

Constructed from natural bamboo with a smooth, burr-free surface, our nightstand is not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to clean. Its environment-friendly varnish coating adds smoothness and waterproof properties. A simple wipe with a rag will keep it looking new.

Fender Design:

Equipped with two side fenders and a rear fender, our nightstand effectively prevents items from sliding off the corners, ensuring both functionality and safety.


Measuring 16.512.219.7 inches, our nightstand optimizes vertical space utilization, making it suitable for narrow spaces. Its compact design saves valuable floor area while offering ample storage capacity.

High-quality Material:

Crafted from natural bamboo, our nightstand boasts superior moisture and heat absorption properties compared to wood. It effectively avoids the harm of formaldehyde, making it environmentally friendly and beneficial to human health.

Strong Bearing Capacity:

The spacious desktop can easily hold up to 39-44lbs, while each drawer can handle up to 11 lbs. You can confidently choose our nightstand knowing it offers enhanced durability and reliability.


The nightstand’s simple style seamlessly integrates into any environment. Whether placed in the bedroom or living room, it creates a welcoming and familiar atmosphere that elevates your space.


Portable Handle: Each drawer is equipped with a black portable handle for easy opening and closing.
Round Edges: Every edge has been finely polished to prevent scratches and ensure safety.


Ideal as a storage platform for bedside tables, tea tables, sofa side tables, and more. It suits bedrooms, living rooms, entrances, corridors, and various other settings.


Material: Natural Bamboo + ABS
Color: Original Color
Surface Treatment: Varnish
Shape: Rectangle
Table Design: Nightstand
Number of Drawers: 3
Assembly Required: Yes
Desktop Max Load-bearing Capacity: 17.5-20kg/39-44lbs
Each Drawer Max Load-bearing Capacity: 5kg/11lbs
Product Size: 423150cm/16.512.219.7in
Single Drawer Size: 403114cm/15.712.25.5in

Package Included:

1 * Nightstand
All Accessories for Assembly