Insulated Wooden Cat House with Soft Liner | Waterproof Roof USA



Provide Warmth and Security for Feral Cats with Our Wooden Cat House

Insulated Comfort:
Gift the feral cats in your area a haven of warmth and comfort. Our Wooden Cat House features six-sided insulation, constructed with layers of solid wood, plywood, and a soft liner. Your feline friends will enjoy a cozy retreat in winter and a cool respite in summer.

Winter-Ready Design:
To ensure winter warmth, the cat house comes with a soft sponge liner, creating a snug environment for chilly nights. Make your yard a welcoming place for cats year-round.

Weather-Resistant Features:
Equipped with a waterproof asphalt roof, our cat house shields your pets from rain, keeping the interior dry and comfortable. The PVC door strip acts as a draft barrier, maintaining a cozy atmosphere even in cold weather.

Elevated and Durable:
Sturdy plastic feet elevate the cat house, preventing moisture seepage and enhancing stability. This design ensures durability, making it a long-lasting shelter for your feline companions.


Dimensions: 23.6″L x 20.9″W x 18.3″H
Shipping Weight: 24 pounds
Easy Assembly:
Setting up the cat house is a breeze, requiring only 45 minutes and a screwdriver. We recommend two people for a quick and hassle-free assembly process.

Give back to the neighborhood’s feral cats with a Wooden Cat House that provides warmth, comfort, and security. Order now and make a difference in their lives.